Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

Once you’ve read the artwork guidelines and approval process, you can use our online file submission form located in resources & support tab above.

Artwork Approval Process


Platinum Signs is dedicated to providing the best signage possible while still giving the customer complete control. During the estimate phase of the process, we will ask various questions so we may understand what type of sign/graphics you need.

Once the estimate is accepted and signed, a 50% deposit is required to begin the design process. We may need to get further information from you to produce the first proof for your review.

The approval process is quite simple actually. Below is the procedure and activities that will occur during the designing/producing of you signage once we receive a 50% deposit:

  • We will have a meeting/e-mail/phone conversation so we know your requirements for your signage, this step may have already occurred during the estimate stage.
  • A full color proof is produced and an email will be delivered.
  • If you are happy with the proof let us know you approve. Delivery time will be given after your proof is approved.
  • If, for some reason, you are not satisfied or would like something changed, contact us with an explanation of the changes needed and we will produce another proof for your approval.
  • You can always call Platinum Signs for any reason, maybe you simply don’t want to type in the changes or just feel better conveying the changes to a human being, we totally understand! You are always welcome to call us at 407-971-3640 to talk to someone.

 Artwork Submission (not so much rules as guidelines)

  • After receiving your file, it will be reviewed to verify it meets the printing requirements.
  • If the file does not meet all necessary requirements, you will be contacted.
  • If corrections are required, you may make these changes yourself and resubmit the file or choose to have us make the corrections (if we are able to do so).
  • Files should be created in CMYK color mode. Converting from other modes may distort colors, shapes or images.
  • File should be 100-150 dpi at full output size for large format items, or up to 300 dpi for smaller items.
  • Convert all fonts to outlines and/or include all fonts used. If unsure send all fonts used. *We may have the font on file, check with us before hand.*
  • Logos and line based objects should remain in vector format whenever possible.
  • File Size submission for our online form is 300MB. If your artwork is over 300MB it is best if you burn it to a CD and drop it off. Or if you have a large enough USB flash drive, you can bring that in as well. You also can always email us artwork in under 10 MB.

 Acceptable File Formats

The following file extensions are acceptable, Remember to convert all fonts to outlines where possible. Any artwork submitted should be PC compatible.

  • .AI (Adobe Illustrator) *If you work in CS4 please save as a .EPS*
  • .EPS – Many applications offer the facility to export as an eps. Please remember to convert all fonts to curves or outlines.
  • .PDF (High Resolution, Vector Art Preserved)
  • .CDR (Corel Draw)
  • .FS (FlexiSign)
  • .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF (*High Resolution, Depending on the size of your Sign, Image quality could be loss if the image is too small.*)
  • .PSD (Photoshop -Keep all artwork in layers. Do Not Flatten!)
  • .INDD (Indesign)

** We do not accept and cannot use artwork created in word processing, page layout, or presentation programs. This includes Word files, Word Perfect, PowerPoint, PrintShop, Pagemaker, among others. We produce products that are sometimes very large and these programs are not suited to that application. Occasionally we are able to extract embedded images out of these files, but it’s a hit and miss proposition. Additional costs may be incurred if corrections are required to prepare your file or we need to rebuild your artwork.**

**If you want to use a format that isn’t mentioned on this page, give us a call and we’ll see if we can figure out a way to use it.

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