Design Tips


symbols2 Embed your fonts for accurate reproduction-In order to maintain your design’s integrity, embed your fonts directly into the document that you are printing.


symbols2 Print size matters-One of the most common mistakes made when printing is sending a document that is too small, which, if not corrected before the final run, can result in a printout that is fuzzy and lacking in clarity due to a lack of resolution. It’s imperative that you create your document the same size as it will be printed in order to avoid this embarrassing end result. Designing at actual size reduces the margin for error with graphics, fonts and layout once printed. Without taking adequate precaution, you’ll soon find that something that looks great on your screen soon turns into a design disaster when printed in the large format for which it was intended.

symbols2 Proof your document thoroughly. Sometimes Mizspellds wodrs can slip up.



symbols2 Bleeds- make sure your print ready file has bleeds (1/8″ all the way around) if you want your prints to be borderless. If you don’t add your bleed area your print may print with a white border.

symbols2 Check your image proportions, dimensions and resolution-In order to get the best results in terms of finished product, make the resolution of your images 300DPI, the highest print resolution used at most print shops.


symbols2 Convert your graphic to CMYK-To avoid costly color correction, convert your document from RGB to CMYK.
symbols2 Print out a proof

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